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          About us

          Company Profile


          Al - Wafa is a successful family running business, it has been established and founded by Mr. Ahmed Abbas in Doha – Qatar in the year 1959, with a partnership of Mr. Khalid Bin Ahmed Al Sowaidi (Chairman Of Qatar Islamic Bank).

          Al – Wafa supplies high quality timbers, building materials and painting products to meet a wide range of specifications, sourced from Europe, North and South America and Asia, Machined on site to a very high quality, we are proud of our timber background, a history of traditional craftsmanship balance by an investment in people, in a new technology quality control and in lasting relationships with our trade clients.

          Al - Wafa customers range from large to small scale such as Governmental sectors, furniture manufacturers, to joiners, building contractors, local carpenters and specialist traders, they all have one thing in common, ( The need of the high quality of wood products ), where the machining, grade, color, and textures are never compromised.

          Al - Wafa understands the needs of their customers, with an excellent knowledge handed down two generations of timber merchants. Al - Wafa team of staff led by Mr. Ahmed Abbas the founder, Mr. Samer Abbas - The Finance & Admin Manger, and Mr. Amer Abbas - The Marketing Manager, exceeded the expectations and meet the most unique milling and products requirements. Yet despite our progressive attitude, we never forget our roots, Al - Wafa remains a family run business, whose staff takes a great pride in every job, where each customer and each job treated individually.

          Al – Wafa’s 8000’sqm, warehouse at the Industrial Area street number 21, gate 61, stores a variety of wood in different grades and sizes, as well as building materials and painting products.

          Al - Wafa Trading Company, Office and Show room in Doha is located at Al Matar Street, close to the banks and business district. At Al – Wafa Carpentry, we are very proud of our team accuracy, where all timbers can be cut and fabricated to match your specifications, Thus our machineries are very high tech in order to produce furniture, doors, kitchens, wood flooring and any exceptional wooden cut ideally to meet your requirements and satisfaction.

          Al - Wafa highly experienced purchases team makes a regular trips to the potential markets in order to improve and provide a higher standard of quality to their customers, however we liaise closely with specialist sawmills to ensure the wood is sourced and cut to our exact standards.

          Al – Wafa’s decades of experience in timber trade, you can expect efficiency, personal service in our team’s approach, this traditional quality standards are the root cause of our success in the past, now and in the future”.    

          Our Mission

             Our Mission is to provide excellent products and services at competitive prices, and to honor our commitment to Clients, Suppliers and Creditors.

          Our Understanding

             An understanding of the project process of the various trades involved means that we are better positioned to plan, and interface the work so that each project is completed in an orderly manner, within budget and deadlines.   

          Our Goal

               Our Goal One of Al Wafa Trading Company goals is to understand the execution and trading needs of its clients, and deliver a trading product that meets or exceeds those needs. To this end the firm's local distribution capabilities are first-rate and the financial media and industry participants continually recognize the quality of the firm's equity sales and trading expertise.





          Al Wafa Trading
          Al Wafa Trading


          get in touch with us
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